Why you don’t need to spend a lot for a great watch

Why you don’t need to spend a lot for a great watch

Affordable quality. This is something we don’t see that often. The truth is its all around us but there is so much crap around it you can’t see it. Whether the company has a crap marketing department or you’re just not looking in the right spot, its there. Trust me.

I decided to get a list of great resources to make this easier on everyone. So strap in, sit back and let me do all the hard work for you.

Resources to find the best watch in your budget:

  1. Reddit.com/r/watches

Not enough can be said about how useful reddit.com can be if you know what you’re doing there. Now, with that said, it can be the BIGGEST black hole on the planet for your free time. I’ve personally used this site for 6 years now and I can say with confidence it has made me better at my job, my hobbies, and strangely a better person.

But you don’t care about all of that…get to the watches. Got it. Got it…

The people at /r/watches are insanely knowledgeable and have answered many questions and I’m very lazy so I’m not going to retype it. So check it out!


This list will be on-going so check back!

Why Automatic Watches Are Better Than Quartz Movements.

Why Automatic Watches Are Better Than Quartz Movements.

I’m not an elitist. I’d like to start with that. There is nothing actually wrong with quartz but compared to automatic movements, in my opinion, they are sub par. And you will most likely see that in the price of the watch. Its not a conspiracy or anything, its just higher quality.

The main difference between between automatic and quartz is one has a battery and the other winds itself when you move. With that said, quartz watches can be sat down until the battery dies before it fails. However, the automatic movement has to be continuously wound. So if you sit your fully wound watch down for a few days, it will probably stop. To prevent this, we buy a watch winder that constantly, but slowly, spin the watch to keep it wound.

So which kind of watch movement do I want to buy?

To be honest, its totally up to you. It’s all about what you are into. The automatic watches are almost always more expensive. Especially if you decide to buy a Swiss automatic. That’s where the price starts to really get up there( Think Rolex, Tissot, Omega, etc.).

Bottom line is I am biased, I love the automatic movement but I personally own 3 quartz watches. All watches are interesting in my opinion so get out there and find one you love.